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Riga, Latvia

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Latvia is a beautiful country located on the Baltic Sea with wide beaches as well as dense forests. Latvia’s capital of Riga is know for its Art Nouveau architecture style. There is an Art Nouveau museum where you can leisurely wander room by room through this historic apartment built in 1903, each room displaying beautiful examples of Art Nouveau decorations, painting, furniture and architectural design. As a lover of this style of art, I found our visit here definitely worth our time!

Like many of Latvia’s neighboring countries, Latvians are known for their traditional craftsmanship such as weaving, wood carving, jewelry making as well as many others. From our experience we have been captivated by the outstanding quality of their knit goods. In particular the Latvian mittens. These mittens are literal masterpieces, hand knit by Latvian grandmas. They are beautiful wearable art!

As in many other Eastern European countries the specific patterns and designs are linked to different regions of Latvia as well as some of its folklore.

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