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Real Life Santa's Workshop!

In all of our travels, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia continues, to be one of our favorite places to visit. It is one of Europe's oldest and best-preserved Medieval cities. Walking on cobblestone streets through the fortress walls on a snowy day is truly like being transported into a real-life fairy tale!

You will pass by ancient buildings, now home to quaint shops and restaurants. You encounter many people dressed in Renaissance-style clothing. The atmosphere of this city gives you a tangible feeling of going back in time.

The city of Tallinn lies right on the Baltic sea, and you can see Nordic style influence all around you.

We instantly fell in love with the Santa Gnomes & Viking ornaments that you see joyfully greeting you from virtually every shop window you pass.

We had the pleasure of meeting the people who make these adorable figures. We felt like we were visiting Santa's workshop watching his elves at work.

They produce all the wooden pieces for these ornaments in their woodworking shop.

The components are then skillfully transformed by hand, one by one into lovable characters that will steal your heart and bring a smile to the face of young and old alike!

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