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For the love of fabric!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Since I was a child, I have always loved making things. I love cooking and sewing and just about anything else I can make with my hands!

Traveling to Eastern Europe has re-kindled my love of fabrics and sewing. One year while traveling in Ukraine, I was hooked when we happened upon a fabric store. The store was filled wall to wall and ceiling to floor with every kind of fabric imaginable. I wanted to bring the entire store home with me. My husband did not share my enthusiasm, as you can imagine. He did, however, encourage me to experiment with a few fabrics to start.

I have made several different items using these fabrics, ranging from table cloths and runners to adult and child aprons, as well as reusable shopping bags.

The traditional ethnic style fabrics of Eastern Europe are so inspiring. They have appealing textures, beautiful colors, and unique designs.

I look forward to searching out more unique fabrics and more ideas on what to make with them.

The possibilities are endless!

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