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Connecting with the past.

Finding out about your heritage is something that has become increasingly popular over the past several years.

It is, however, not a new thing to trace your lineage back through the generations. In fact, this is a practice that has gone on pretty much since the beginning of time.

Throughout history, a person's family line would determine their place in society, their vocation, and so on, this practice holds true even today in some countries.

Since America is such a melting pot of all nations, some details of people's heritage have faded to the background.

With the introduction of DNA testing, a renewed interest in heritage and the family tree has been sparked. Through these services, people are rediscovering their family roots and finding out where their ancestors came from.

This has rekindled a desire in many to learn about these distant lands that their forefathers once called home.

We love hearing people's stories about how they just found out that their family tree branched out into places that they were not aware of and did not expect.

They come to our booth or studio excited to find something that represents the culture of their ancestors.

It brings us joy to be able to offer authentic, high-quality items from some of these places and it is our desire and goal to add to the countries represented in our shop every year!

We are proud to currently offer items made in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, and Ukraine.

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