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Christmas Markets

It’s no secret that Christmas is the most anticipated holiday of the winter by young and old alike.

Thinking of Christmas in Europe conjures up images of festive, brightly decorated Christmas markets! The traditional Christkindlmarket is an open air event with quaint wooden kiosks offering local foods, warm drinks and gift items of all kinds beautifully presented for sale. In addition to food and shopping there will typically be entertainment in the form of singing and dancing.

Earliest versions of the Christmas market were first held in Vienna, 1298 and were called December markets. It is believed that they were established to bring some cheer and light to the dark winter months.

The first genuine Christkindlsmarkt was held in Dresden, Germany in 1434, with the German speaking parts of Europe being the first to make these celebrations a part of their Christmas tradition.

Christmas markets are now celebrated in many countries across Europe, drawing millions of visitors every year. This style of market was brought to America by German immigrants and we have been enjoying them ever since.

Unfortunately due to the unusual circumstances of 2020, there will be no Christmas markets in Minnesota this year. This is sad news, however , everything we would have at the markets is on display in our studio and available for your shopping needs.

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