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Traveling to Ukraine is something we look forward to every year and not just because my husband’s family and friends are there!

I love how beautiful the country is. The capital city of Kiev is a very green city, green as in nature. It has many parks with lots of trees and flowers. There are areas dedicated to lilac trees, tulip displays in the springtime and chestnut trees everywhere. which makes sense as this tree is the symbol of Kiev.

The style of the architecture in these old cities is amazing, I never get tired of seeing it. Near Kiev there is an open air museum “Pirogovo”, it is a museum of folk architecture that represents the traditional buildings and way of life from the different regions of Ukraine. It is definitely worth your while to visit, however, give yourself plenty of time as the museum covers over 300 acres!

Another city in Ukraine that is a must see is Lviv. Lviv is known for it’s coffee, chocolate and beer. I probably don’t need to say anymore! This is also a very artistic city, it is not uncommon to see accomplished young musicians demonstrating their skills in squares throughout the city.

No matter where you are in Ukraine you will find amazing food! From unbelievable sweet and savory pies to the most amazing chocolate desserts to kababs and veggies grilled over open flames. Everywhere you go you will find delicacies that please the eye as well as the taste buds.

If you have an opportunity to travel to Ukraine, be sure to take it!

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